Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chelsi's Fixy, Second Try

Chelsi's bike is done, but these are the only pictures I have... I'll have to track her down and take more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get excited Chelsi...

Something happened to Chelsi's bike. It's a mystery- 

And this is all that's left..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's finished!

My fixy is done! Special thanks to Sherman for truing and dishing the wheels as well as Rachel for lending him to me for all that time!! Dude seriously bro, thank you so much.

God is good. To Him be the glory!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Night Painting.. And a new project!

Night painting.. ahhhh yea.

Early on in this business, before it became a business, I knew very little about how to paint, what to paint with, and how to mechanically put together a reliable bike that can also look good.

Well, whenever I was taking Chelsi's bike home from Dallas to College Station, I looked at it and I realized this wasn't my best work. To put it simply, it was my second bike ever and I had no idea what I was doing. Time to redeem.

So the new project is re-doing her bike- really almost everything- ideally a new crank set and bottom bracket but more than anything the paint- the finish coat I put on it doesn't deflect mud but attracts it. I should have taken pictures, but I was so anxious to get this started and out the door I forgot. Hence, for Chelsi's bike- a totally new sweet paint job.

Today I completely disassembled her bike down to the frame, sanded it, and night painted it (primer white). Her bike is completely white right now; a blank canvas... :)

And so started the night painting...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost done...

So my fixy is almost done- I'm just waiting on a set of handlebars to come in, then I'm off the longboard and done driving and back on the bike.

A couple days ago I put on the crank set and bottom bracket, figured out the chain line, and today I put the fork on because the headset arrived. All that's left is Sherman's  dishing   and truing the wheels, the tubes, tires, handlebars and grips; then done!

This is what I have (what God's given me) so far.

My First Fixy, New Look

So, about a week ago I started to put into action an idea I had for my fixy- new paint, lighter and better rims, small changes here and there but a comparatively huge beginning/ending difference. It all started with the blue spoke nipples and white deep v rims...

I knew I wanted to build my own wheels up. It's cheaper, fun and more personal. The only other wheel that I've built before was on Kelly's bike- her 650c rear wheel. I had to convert the freewheel into a flip/flop hub with strong spokes. On hers I built a three cross spoke design- same as these new ones... 

Building them is a blast. All you need is a rim, a hub, 32 (these numbers vary) spoke nipples and 32 spokes of the correct length, screw driver, spoke wrench, spoke nipple cream- and for me, a book. Oh, and after they're built, you've got to true and dish the wheels. Sometimes that can take no time at all, or A LOT of time- so mine are being done by Sherman right now :) ..thanks brother.

So about a week ago this happened..