Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Fixy, New Look

So, about a week ago I started to put into action an idea I had for my fixy- new paint, lighter and better rims, small changes here and there but a comparatively huge beginning/ending difference. It all started with the blue spoke nipples and white deep v rims...

I knew I wanted to build my own wheels up. It's cheaper, fun and more personal. The only other wheel that I've built before was on Kelly's bike- her 650c rear wheel. I had to convert the freewheel into a flip/flop hub with strong spokes. On hers I built a three cross spoke design- same as these new ones... 

Building them is a blast. All you need is a rim, a hub, 32 (these numbers vary) spoke nipples and 32 spokes of the correct length, screw driver, spoke wrench, spoke nipple cream- and for me, a book. Oh, and after they're built, you've got to true and dish the wheels. Sometimes that can take no time at all, or A LOT of time- so mine are being done by Sherman right now :) ..thanks brother.

So about a week ago this happened..


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